Fast Fashion


“Fast Fashion” originated in Europe in the middle of the last century. It was a quick feedback and imitation of the design of the fashion show. With the increasingly close fashion design and terminal sales, from the end of the last century to the beginning of this century, “Fast Fashion” has evolved into a fashion apparel company's rapid response to the fashion design of the show, and made products that closely follow the latest fashion trends. Low prices flow into the store, a sales model that focuses on mainstream consumers.

The traditional clothing brand from the trend released on the T stage, continue to produce products, to the stores, counters on the goods, generally take several months, high-end brands even take half a year. However, according to the concept of “fast fashion”, companies can transform product concepts into consumer products in a very short time. The initial process takes about 50 days. Today, the fastest companies can do it within 20 days.


The main nodes of “Fast Fashion” are quick response in the supply chain, and at the same time, the information between the store and the customer and the brand is quickly communicated, the headquarters is returned, and the fastest information of the consumer is obtained. Feedback to the manufacturers, this six-week conversion is the fastest process of modern fashion apparel, and also attracts consumers to quickly know the fashion trend, resulting in their sales profits and profits.

  • 1. First-class image, second-rate products, and third-rate prices;
  • 2. Fast, fashionable and civilian;
  • 3. A small number of small;
  • 4. Shorten the lead time;
  • 5. Advanced logistics and data analysis systems;
  • 6. Super high salary hired luxury designer / international superstar to join;
  • 7. The location and luxury are neighbors, and they spare no expense;
  • 8. Buy a hand system, not to create fashion, but to create fashion.